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Banc54 Scam Review

Posted on by John Thiel

Banc 54 is something of an unknown entity. I have talked to some of my colleagues who received a spam email from someone offering them a way to make money and then got a link leading them to this binary options broker.

After making some initial investigations it has become apparent to me that these guys are about as dirty as you can get. The software is completely rogue with out any regulation, and they falsely represent themselves as a “boutique investment house”.

In reality its most likely a bunch of guys operating out of some garage with a very nice plan on how to take your money and make sure it stays in their hands. I have heard various complaints in forums about these guys, and as I suspected they are running a total scam.

I strongly urge anyone being referred to these guys to stay away until I have revised my SCAM ALERT, or alternatively until this broker has produced some type of documentation attesting to their payout percentages and/auditing norms.

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