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Binary Options Brokers that Accept Paysafecard (PSC)

Posted on by John Thiel

After having conducted in-depth research into which binary options brokers accept Paysafecard, I have come to the conclusion that none of them do.  So you may ask yourself, well how is this possible? Why is it that moneybookers or Ukash is accepted, or even EPS, but not PSC? The reasons for this vary, however when it comes to issues like this its usually one of two reasons.

Since the brokers usually work with a few processing solution providers such as Envoy AKA Worldpay AP Limited, these providers provide a parcel of solutions and for some reason Paysafe Card is not included.

A second reason why this may happen may be related to regulatory aspect of payment processing and various stipulations having to due with money laundering criteria or alternatively licensing reasons that have to with the ruling jurisdiction. For example a CySec license and a Belize license are completely different and have a different set of requirements.

Finally, one has to account for the fact that this industry is still new and has a learning curve ahead of it. So, to finalize if you have a Paysafecard you will not be able to fund your trading account with it. So if you are from Germany or Austria and want to invest in binary options, I recommend you contact the PSC support desk and ask them if its possible to buy a prepaid credit card with your PSC.




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