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Binary Options Brokers that Accept Carte Bleue

Posted on by John Thiel

Carte Bleue is a very commonly used debit card available exclusively in France. It’s similar to Visa Electron or Maestro, however it allows you to deposit and fund your trading account without requiring approval from your bank. It’s particularly liked by the French traders since it is used as a credit card, however it does not carry the fees associated with one. At the time brokers such as Anyoption and GTOptions accepted Carte Bleue deposits, however this is not the case today.

Carte Bleue

Originally an alliance created between 6 French banks, all Carte Bleue credit cards are now a part of the Visa corporation, and this has been true since 1976. Binary options traders from France have the utter privilege of using this much coveted card, and this is not going to change in the foreseeable future.

Starting 1992 all the Carte Bleue credit cards had a smart chip installed in them and using the card now requires a PIN Number. This provides an additional layer of security which is essential these days with all the binary options scams and thievery going on. Anyone trying to use your card will not be able to do it without your personal pin code, and that is why it is immensely popular especially for online deposits in Forex and Binary Options (but not only).

To sum up, Carte Bleue is one of the most sought after debit cards by binary options traders in France due to the low fees and high level of security that protect you against possible scams. While most brokers won’t accept this card, others like 24Options and Traderush will do a good job finding you an alternative depositing solution such as Moneybookers (Skrill), or Optionweb if you want to use Neteller.



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